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Each artist in our troupe has unique talents and performance styles, and you can get to know them right here! Select their name below to jump to an artist profile, or scroll down to see us all.

Saint Louis, MO. Chapter
Brittania Bruno--> Fade
Holly Jameson Rachael Rosy Sky

Chicago, IL. Chapter (click to jump down)
Dan HarrisonJuanRogue-Rei


~ Brittania ~
Hoop - Multi-Hoop - Poi - Fans
~ Crandall ~
Devil Sticks & Breathing
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Crandall's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Chris Randal joined the troupe as the first Devil Sticker summer of ‘09 and has since traveled and inspired young minds across the Midwest. His unique style and flexibility make him something of a fire toy contortionist, bending and morfing around his tools in ways that seem unhuman. He has also developed his talents in the area of fire breathing helping him explode into the fire performance culture.

~ Eli ~
Devil Sticks Rope-Dart & Breathing
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Elliot's Video Archive

Devil Stick Practice 2011
Pending Upload

Elliot was inspired to start Devil Sticking in the fall of 09’ by Crandall, the first Fire Tech Devil Sticker. Only ten months after picking up Devil Sticks Elliot took 1st place in the 2010 International Devil Stick Competition- Intermediate Class. Elliot has since taken his Devil Sticking to an entirely new level performing at STL Magazines 10’ A-List party, Underground Sound 7, Summercamp 11’, Harvest Fest 11’, and countless local St. Louis events. Elliot has also become a World-Class fire-breather that will melt your face off, if he doesn’t knock you out with his ninja Rope Dart skills first. His never ending strive to master his current talents, while still looking for new objects of manipulation, undoubtedly make him a breathtaking addition to the troop.

~ Emma-Spice ~
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Emma's Video Archive

Emma Spice & Miss J
Pending Upload

Emma was the first fire hooper to join the crew, and set precident for all who were inspired to follow her. Think spunk and funk, combined with fluid and technical hoop dance, add a lot of smiles and pesence, and you have... Emma-Spice!

~ Fade ~
Fans Orb and Staff
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Fade's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Chris Fade was born in Houston and moved all around the US before settling in the Midwest at the turn of Millennium. It was there in St.Louis that he met Fathom and the two became a force to be reckoned with. Between Throwing Parties, Promoting, and DJing; they left their mark on the Underground scene before deciding to move on to a more enticing art: fire manipulation. Fade dabbled with poi for a brief moment, and also learned some single and contact staff theory before finding his true calling in the eastern art of fan dancing. Taking the raw tribal dance style and mixing it with new age technical patterns, The Fade is an ever-evolving fairy fan dancing beast!

~ Fathom ~
Double Staff - Poi - Contact Staff
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Fathom's Video Archive

Double Staff Solo 2010

Fathom was born and raised in Missouri and got into the Underground EDM scene in 2002 as a party-goer and eventually a DJ. Fathom rocked the tables and melted faces for a few years before finding an even more efficient way of melting faces.. Fathom began like most poists with glowsticks on shoestrings and tennis balls in socks. Fathom took to poi like a fish in water. As time went by, he played with poi more and with turntables less until eventually he hung up his headphones for good. Fathom eventually found staff manipulation and it didn't take him long to realize that one staff just wasn't hardcore enough. In a matter of weeks, he had stolen Fade's single staff and was rockin' double staff like nobody's business. The rest, as they say, is history.

~Holly ~
Fans & Hoop
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Holly's Video Archive

Always having a love for dance, Holly's first encounter with fire spinning shed a whole new light on an old romance. Later that summer she spotted Fade's technical fan dancing and at that instant was inspired. After three years of preforming solo Holly was invited to join the Fire Technicians in the summer of 2011. She has since then adventured into hooping and poi to diversify her performance.

~Ivory ~
Poi - Hoop - Contact Staff
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Ivory's Video Archive

Ivory's Poi Safari - 2010
Snoop Dog on Fire -2010
Poi to the World - 2009

Originally hailing from Ivory Coast, West Africa, Ivory was a victim of culture shock when first arriving in the Midwest USA as a teenager. Now after encountering the fire and manipulation culture through her interest in Poi in 2008 she has created a culture shock within the minds of all who lay eyes on her fluid and fun skills. She has since broadened her chosen performance styles and picked up Contact Staff and Hoop, developing more and more skills making her a virsitle fire artist, and a fine addition to the troupe.

~ Jameson ~
Contact Staff - Double Staff - Poi - Breathing
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jameson's Video Archive

Effortless Flow
Cancun sunset

A member of the troupe since it’s conception, jameson acts as a manager, performer and a cornerstone of Fire Technicians. He once worked solo in street, private event, club and festival performances for 2 years before finally finding a group of talented poi spinners that were as eager to learn as they were to innovate and break new ground with the varying arts of fire performance. A veteran poi spinner of over 7 years, he is well known in the Midwest for starting a mini-movement amongst the now sea of poi spinners in the area. Since summer of 07’ however, his focus has been upon his staff work starting with double staff and progressing into contact. Only recently (July 2008) has his addiction to contact staff taken hold and turned this fluid poi spinner into a show stopping polystickerist.

~ Jared ~
Poi - Puppyhammer - Juggling - Unicycling
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Jared's Video Archive

Plateau Sunset - 2008
Pending Upload

A member of the troupe since it’s conception, His constant drive for new ideas, experimental thought and applied poi theory arguably make him the most innovative poi spinner among the fire technicians. His unique flow and unseen style give rise to his chosen performance handle... But his passions do not stop at poi, he has a knack for all object manipulation. He has more recently developed mind boggling juggling techniques, and audinces are searching for his 3rd hand after each performance. Now, combine all of the above, and place it on a sport supspensioned unicycle, then send it down a hiking trail... and you have: “D’twisted”

~Julian ~
Poi - Puppyhammer
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Julian's Video Archive

Julian's Poi Solo 2010
Pending Upload

Some call him Jules, some stick with Jesus, but whatever label you choose the effect is the same: Pure Poi Finesse. Julian picked up poi at 18, after being inspired by other Fire Techs like Jared, and has since absorbed the intricacies of every fire and object manipulation art that comes nearby. Watch him closely, as his skills have been deemed miracles by some church authorities.

~ Lindsay ~
Hoop - Twins - Flow Wand - Fire Orb
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Lindsay's Video Archive

EF Casting Vid
Raw Goodness
Fun in the sun

Lindsay is a dedicated hoop performer and dancer of over 4 years. She has made apprearences in a variety of shows such as Yakov Smirnoff Moscow Circus, Underground Sound 6, Hoop Convergence 2010 and 2011, Electric Forest Hula Hoop troupe 2011, The String Cheese Incident, and several local venues in Springfield MO. Lindsay specializes in hoop dance, manipulation, fire, led, and experimental dance. Lindsay is expressive with her dynamic costumes and flow and she is always a crowd pleaser in a show. Currently Lindsay is expanding her talents with hoop minis/ twins, fire staff, and poi.

~ Meeshel ~
Poi - Levi Wand - Mini Hoop - Double Staff
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Meeshel's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Hailing from Japan, and by default the only Asian influence in the Fire Techs. Music and movement have been a part of Meeshel's life since she was extremely young; Piano, Violin, Massage, Choir, and more. She was originally introdiced to Poi in 2008 by friends of the Fire Techs, and soon began a new personal journey into her own flow. Now, years later, not only is flow a part of life, but also a part of work, speech and more.. as it also acts as her medicine and meditation tool. Meeshel's props of choice use are Poi, Levi-Wands(multiple), Mini Hoops & Double Staff - each excuted with a unique dance style all her own. Contact staff has also been making its way into her interests as of late. Finding inspiration in her local peers and instructors via youtube, workshops manipulation gatherings.. she remains overly humble and tends to stay in the shadows like a Ninja should. Her objective- "Find peace and grace within the limitless space of flow and dance."

~ Rachael ~
Poi & Puppyhammer
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Rachael's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Fire performance came into Rachael's life when she attended her first music festival in 2008. At first sight, she knew she had found the form of self-expression she had long been searching for. Never an outgoing dancer, she found poi to be an outlet which she used to personify her love for music. For Rachael, poi also proved to be a gateway to connecting with others and served as a foundation for her strongest friendships. Rachael's love of poi has branched into aspirations towards other arts which she hopes to master with the same expertise, such as breakdancing, nunchucks, double staffs, contact staff, puppy hammer, and comedy

~ Rosy Glow ~
Hoop Fans Eating Poi and Staff

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Rosy's Video Archive

Pending Upload

Rosy Glow discovered fire through her extensive background in bellydance. She began her fire performance career in 2007 with the Vesuvius Fire Tribe in Kansas City before coming to St. Louis. Rosy has recently dazzled audiences as a regular cast member in the St. Louis based vaudeville show Beggars Carnivale and performing at events and festivals across the midwest. Rosy is a multi prop madwoman her skills include; hoops, poi, fans, fire bellydance, most recently double staves and of course fire eating. She is also a costume designer, mother, healer and instructor. A fierce,firey and feminine force to be reckoned with.

Chicago area Chapter

~ Dan ~
Poi & Puppyhammer
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Dan's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Dan AKA Reverse Logik was first inspired by the Fire Techs too get into the flow arts. He has been spinning poi since 2007. Since then he has been an innovator to flow arts scene, always working on new types of flow. Along with spinning poi Reverse Logik also spins puppyhammer, a new prop to the flow arts scene which is visually stunning. Along with spinning poi/puppyhammer, Reverse Logik is also an Electronic Music Producer/Dj and runs a Dj Crew, "Dirty With A Touch Of Class" out of Wiscosin.

~ Juan ~
Poi -Double Staff - Contact Staff - Clubs & Puppyhammer
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Juan's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Juan is one of the newest members from the Chicago based Fire Techs, brought on in the fall of 2012. Having himself been inspired and driven by the Fire Technicians' existing work since the summer of 2010, he has found true motivation and since become fluent with several props. His number one love for the art of Poi has has translated into a performance skill set all his own, which ranges from Double Staff, contact Staff, Clubs and Puppyhammer. Not satisfied with being just a student of the flow arts, he has recently set higher goals with object manipulation on he horizion of instructing the trade as well. To quote The Juan: "Being able to help and to share my skills holds the greatest satisfaction that could ask for."

~ Sky ~
Poi - Puppyhammer - Contact Staff
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Sky's Video Archive

Pending Upload
Pending Upload

Picked up by the techs in the summer of 2011, Skyler was the first of the Chicago area based Techs to be added to the roster. He first picked up Poi summer of 2007, having been greatly inspired by national and international performers mostly through the online fire community, but more so by the Fire Technicians themselves. Sky possesses a hip flowy style of Poi and Puppy-Hammer, and a fun personality to boot. His interests have recently broadened to include Contact and Double Staff, making Sky a cornerstone in the Midwest Fire Technicians.

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